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Web Designing Tips


Web Designing Tips

Lucy Smith September 17, 2020

Web designing should be done in such a way that the people’s attention is caught and they will get comfortable with the site which could eventually lead to them using the site regularly. Web designing is not just about making the site look a beautiful and attractive but it should also serve a purpose and complement what the site is all about. The functionalities and navigation of the site should also be clear and simple so that the people using it can easily do the things they came to do and not be confused about anything. Web design plays a very important role in increasing the site’s traffic. 

Here are some tips on how you can improve the web design of your site. 

  1. Do away the unnecessary things. 

You can’t have a lot of things going on in your site. Keeping it simple and clean is always the best ways to keep the users coming and using the site. You do not have to put a lot of animations or beautifications just so people will get hooked to it because most of the time, using too many animations or putting on so many things to the site will annoy the users. This may cause them to find a similar site to use instead of using yours because of the many unnecessary things that are in it. In web designing, always remember that simplicity is always a beauty. 

  1. Use colors that would complement the theme of the website and what the website is all about. 

For you to have a clear representation of your site, it is important that everything that is in it complements what the site is all about it. This means that you can’t just use the color pink or blue just because it is your favorite color. The colors that you should be using are the ones that would fit the theme of the site. Also, do not use bright colors because this will irritate the eyes of the users and this will overpower the entire site. There is also the tendency that the contents of your site will not be visible because of the brightness of your background color. The content is very important so make sure that whatever it is that you are using, the content will still be visible always. 

  1. If you are to put pictures, make sure that you are using high quality pictures. 

Pictures are one of the most common things that you can see in a web site especially when they are selling products and services. But these pictures should not just be any kind of pictures, it should be those that are of high quality so that the users of the site will not get discouraged and so they can see every detail of the products. 

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