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Web Design 101: Videos on Websites

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Web Design 101: Videos on Websites

Lucy Smith February 22, 2019

Videos are getting more and more accessible because of the advancements in the digital landscape. People are more eager to watch one- to two-minute videos, rather than read long articles to get the same details. Are you planning to incorporate more videos in your website?

The Drawbacks and Benefits of Videos

The Benefits

  • Improved User Engagement

At this day and age, people would prefer to watch short videos than read lengthy bodies of text. However, in order to gain more views and engagement, your video materials need to be compelling and captivating.

  • Improved Conversion Rates

Many website owners are now using videos to convert more visitors. Do you know that video materials are proven to convert many readers to paying customers? By adding a video in your landing page, you can increase your conversion to around 80%.

  • Incorporates a New Dimension to Your Brand

Using videos can add a new dimension to your brand. Do you want to establish a deeper connection with your audience? By producing compelling videos, you can show them your business’ purpose, and how your offerings can solve their problems.

Google knows that customers and readers want to consume videos. If you incorporate high-quality videos, there is a huge chance that Google will increase your ranking.

The Drawbacks

  • Affects Website Speed

This depends on the hosting services. If you host the video materials yourself, it will surely impact the website speed. The best thing to do is to utilize a third-party hosting solution like Vimeo or YouTube.

  • Incompatible With Older Browsers

This is a common misconception. Of course, videos can be supported even by the oldest browsers.

  • Autoplay = Bad

Autoplaying videos is 100% not good. Many readers and customers hate this feature.

Before ultimately deciding if you’re going to incorporate videos in your website, it’s important for you to communicate with your website developer. Good communication between your website developer and you will be paramount to achieving a more than satisfactory website design.