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Waterproof Products


Waterproof Products

Lucy Smith September 12, 2020

The engineering of concrete structures is a constantly changing process. The invention and development of new construction methods demand more and more construction materials. Concrete producers face this technological challenge on a daily basis along with other factors such as economics, ecology, raw material and energy costs, and logistical complexity

Sika supplies a wide range of concrete admixtures with innovative options for the design of concrete mixes, either to substantially reduce the water content of a mix (e.g. with Sika ViscoCrete), using a more economical product or getting enough initial resistance. Sika concrete admixture help meet the challenges of modern concrete technology and the construction industry.

Release agent

Release agents provide a solution in processes involving release, plastic release, adhesive release, pressure release, and tire & tape release.


There are monofunctional, bifunctional, and multifunctional stabilizers Cadmium-based stabilizers have largely disappeared in recent years due to environmental and health concerns. There are monofunctional, bifunctional, and multifunctional stabilizers. In economic terms, the most important product groups in the stabilizer market are compounds based on calcium and other related chemicals. Cadmium-based stabilizers have largely disappeared in recent years due to environmental and health concerns.

The waterproofing membrane in Malaysia is commonly applied for buildings, it is basically a layer of thin material that is waterproof. The waterproofing membrane can be laid over the slab before covering it with any top finish such as tile, vinyl, decking, and others. The subsoil must also have some kind of slope so that the water does not remain stagnant but rather goes more towards the drain. Any puddles must be filled before applying the membrane because no point has the protection of the membrane, the water left in the puddle will continue to seep through the dish over time.


The Products of Cement in Malaysia

The cement industry is very influential in Malaysia. As would be expected with such a difference in relative population, the high level of development in Peninsular Malaysia is supported by significant cement industry. It has a mix of factories run by local and multinational producers, three-run by Lafarge Malayan Cement, and one white cement plant in Aalborg. Plant in Kuching in Sarawak, on Malaysian Borneo. In addition to the relative development of the two Malaysian regions, the uneven distribution of the cement plant also highlights the high development potential of Malaysian Borneo in the next few decades. All the required chemicals can be obtained from Malaysian chemical suppliers. 

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