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Trending Crypto News: Where Is Cryptocurrency Standing Now?

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Trending Crypto News: Where Is Cryptocurrency Standing Now?

Lucy Smith March 25, 2022

Throughout the past years, cryptocurrency has had a big influence on us. People have become so convinced about this new digital platform, and its role in helping to recover the economy level. As much as there are people, who still doubting and still disagreeing the arrival of cryptocurrency and its other related field, there are still some insights that should be discussed on this trending crypto news, to possibly rule out the impact of cryptocurrency to the world, but not to the economy itself.

So before jumping into the impact and so on, let’s talk about the current issues which are somehow affecting the cryptocurrency on some other level, which people are not aware of.

The War

Due to the recent war which is happening currently, the trending crypto news are being affected due to the cryptocurrency market. There are so many threats and rifts being imposed as a result from the war which have caused easy access to the hacker and scammers during these vulnerable times when the country’s economy level is weak. 

Russian’s Decisions Regarding Cryptos

According to the trending crypto news, it is claimed that the Russian government has released a regulating crypto operations in Russia which has somehow claimed that is was all due to the Russia’s central bank, who had published a consultation paper which propose to ban any type of crypto related activity from the country. The trending crypto news believes that the government official statement regarding the regulating crypto operation in Russia came after the banking industry’s plea to stop and ban this decentralizing system.


Reasons Of Banning

According to the trending crypto news, the paper which is produced by the Russian officials is called “ Cryptocurrencies Trends, Risks and Regulation. This paper states the possibility of cryptocurrency creating a huge and significant amount of threats to the Russians financial market. In addition regarding this matter above, the trending crypto news gather information as the currencies aka cryptos believed by the Russians, says that it also has chances to impose threat to its citizens since it is a non based currency. This threat which is being referred to by the officials are from the aspect of well-being, which has to adapt to the loss of investment due to the market volatility or can be the result of scams, hackers and even cyber attacks for unknown forces.

Although there are certain countries that have their own opinion regarding the cryptocurrencies, there are also some beneficial aspects regarding it. According to the trending crypto news, the cryptocurrency platform has the advantage and definitely has the chances to boost the economy’s level if it’s given the opportunity it needs. 

Therefore, throughout this topic, one thing that people should learn is that, the cryptocurrency platform is usual for many reasons, but due to the shortfall of opportunity the full potential of cryptocurrency is not determined. But, do not use this as an excuse to stop trading, minting, or even selling in the selected crypto platforms.