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Top 10 Challenges Facing Event Planners


Top 10 Challenges Facing Event Planners

Lucy Smith November 9, 2018

The event planning and management industry is fast-paced and stressful environment. You will always be asked to do more, and sacrifice more. The workflow and event process need to improved once in a while, to be able to face more challenges. But what are those challenges that event planners face every single day?

1. Skills to Keep Up with Technology

Event planners need to keep up with the changing technology. They need to read about the latest trends, and apply it to their every project. Learning and improving must never stop.

2. Proving ROI Departmental Cuts

This specific challenge will always play an important role in improving job efficiency.

3. Downsizing Rising Travel

Travel costs are obviously a challenge, especially for event businesses that operate on tight budgets. It’s important to make strategic decisions around yearly travel costs. This would make rooms for more budget.

4. Housing Costs

Adjusting housing costs will be a huge help if you are moving from one occasion to another. From housing to renting spaces, this challenge is unavoidable.

5. Reduced Event Budgets

It is always a challenge to reduce event budgets. As much as possible, clients want to operate on a tight budget to make room for more important things.

6. Budget to Add or Upgrade Technology

If you really want your business to prosper, you need to invest more on advanced digital platforms. Investing on reliable technology can signal your growth in the event planning industry.

7. Less Money from Sponsors

We all strive to get as many sponsors as we can, but sometimes, sponsorship engagements don’t just happen. Always be prepared for intense negotiations.

8. Lack of Buy-in from Top Executives

Your idea may be creative and innovative, but you will still need additional buy-ins.

9. Event Security

An event’s success also depends on the level of security that was provided. This must be on the top of every event planner’s to-do list.

10. Increased Government Regulation

This is a challenge that is far from every event planner’s control. It’s no secret that we always end up at the mercy of complicated governmental regulations.