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The best way to clean sex toys


The best way to clean sex toys

Lucy Smith May 10, 2022

Cleaning sex toys is an important skill to acquire, just like washing laundry and filling the dishwasher correctly. Most people may benefit from doing it more often. After all, the devices are in close proximity to the genital region (an area that should always be kept clean), and cleaning them might lead to several errors. Because these errors might result in a yeasty nightmare, it’s critical that you understand the best strategies for dealing with them. And it all starts with a genuine commitment to clean your sex toys.

Sex toys must be cleaned correctly to minimise bacterial infection or STI transmission. While some STIs die when the fluid in which they dwell evaporates, others (such as hepatitis and scabies) can remain for weeks or months outside the body. If you want to avoid getting pregnant, remove any sperm from the sex toy before using it near or in the vaginal area. It’s vital to keep and carefully follow the sex toy’s cleaning instructions. Consider purchasing an alternative toy if you believe that cleaning the toy correctly would be too time-consuming or unrealistic for you. The following information is intended to provide a general overview of how to clean various sorts of toys and is not intended to replace the manufacturer’s instructions.

Remove any batteries for basic toy care. Water shouldn’t be used to submerge electrical components. Clean your electric toys with a moist, soapy washcloth, preferably antibacterial soap. Toys should be kept cold and dry in a container or bag (to keep them clean).

Glass, hard plastic, and silicone are examples of non-porous materials to clean.

Glass: Glass toys should be washed with soap and water. Dishwasher-safe Pyrex toys are available. Avoid exposing glass to high temperatures.

Hard plastic: Clean hard plastic with water and antibacterial soap. Boiling is not recommended.

Silicone: Cleaning a silicone toy can be done in one of three ways. Either boil for 5-10 minutes or wash with antibacterial soap and warm water in your dishwasher (top rack). Silicone vibrators should not be cooked since the vibrator mechanism will be destroyed.

Rubber, vinyl, cyberskin, nylon, and leather are all porous materials that require cleaning.

Rubber materials: Materials made of rubber are porous and difficult to clean. Furthermore, their composition is not always understood, and they may contain phthalates, chemicals that have been linked to health problems. Condoms should be used with these types of toys for these reasons.

Cyberskin and Vinyl: Cyberskin is a porous, squishy material that is frequently used for dildos. Only use warm water to wash cyberskin and vinyl toys. Allow them to air dry before dusting them with cornstarch to keep them from becoming sticky.

Nylon: Machine or hand wash nylon harnesses and toys with a mild antibacterial soap.

Leather: Leather products should be cleaned with a moist, soapy cloth or leather cleaner. The leather should not be soaked. After washing, use a leather conditioner to recondition your toy. Apply a coat of clear nail paint on metal parts to prevent tarnish.

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