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How to have a Minimalist Lifestyle While Having a Baby


How to have a Minimalist Lifestyle While Having a Baby

Lucy Smith August 20, 2019

Why should parents choose a minimalist lifestyle?

1.Be a person who builds toys and other stuff out of nowhere.

Do you enjoy shopping for baby toys and baby shoes in Malaysia? As parents, we want our children to enjoy little things in life. But, giving them all they want can also bring about bad consequences. Instead of giving them everything at a huge price, why not opt for a minimalist routine, and be creative? Make toys out of the usual household items. DIY projects are fun, most especially if it is for out kids.

2.Purchase things only when your children reach a milestone.

Give your children rewards, once they have accomplished something. This would encourage them to achieve greater things. Moreover, it teaches them a valuable lesson–that beautiful things are earned, not received without any effort.

3.Replace the old tings.

Since you have purchased new high chairs for your little ones, it’s time to get rid of those bouncy chairs that they loved for so long. Living a minimalist lifestyle means that as soon as you move forward to the next phase, you need to get rid of the old stage. Let your children move forward from the things they have outgrown.

Are you planning a minimalist lifestyle? Here are the things you can live without.

  1. No additional umbrella strollers and jogging strollers
  2. No formula makers and dispensers
  3. No day to day disposable diapers
  4. No bassinet
  5. No pacifiers
  6. No crib bed sets
  7. No baby swing
  8. No baby bath
  9. No baby jail