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How To Give Your Girlfriend A Wonderful Night


How To Give Your Girlfriend A Wonderful Night

Lucy Smith December 24, 2021

It is your one year anniversary with your girlfriend. You want to do something special for her as she means a lot to you. They say that action is louder than words So if you want to prove to her that she means a lot to you. You have to prove it through your actions. So in this article, we will give you some tips on giving your girlfriend the night she deserves.


  • Step 1: Surprise her – Do not inform your girlfriend about the plan. Give it a surprise for her. The reason for this is that by telling her, she won’t feel the excitement anymore as she will expect what is coming for her.
  • Step 2: Set a romantic dinner – What’s better than coming home is to be greeted with a home-cooked fancy dinner prepared by your partner. To entice the dinner, turn off the lights and set a few romantic candles to light up the atmosphere (figuratively).
  • Step 3: Put candle scent – When you are having a lovely dinner. You need to ensure that the place does not have any unpleasant smell. This is common sense as you wouldn’t like it as well if the fancy restaurant that you go to has a smelly fish smell all over the restaurant. So, put at least one candle scent to give out a nice aromatic smell at the dining table.
  • Step 4: Give gifts and compliments – Once your queen has arrived, greet her with gifts (your choice) to bring a smile on her face. Be a gentleman as you bring her to the seat and you pull the chair for her. During the diner, treat this like this is your first time going out on a date with her. Compliment her by telling her how good she looks tonight, tell her that she has a beautiful smile. Say anything that a woman wants to hear.
  • Step 5: Love shape rose petals on the bed – Once the dinner is finished, guide her to the bedroom and present to her the bed filled with love shape rose petals spreading on the bed. This will give the room a warm and intimate touch.
  • Step 6: Additional Decoratives – Decorate the room with gifts and polaroids of you and your partner together. Thus, touching on sentimental values. Reminder her just how much you love her.
  • Step 7: Enjoy your dessert – Now that you get the main course out of the way, it is time to enjoy your dessert. You start to entice her by seductively touching her skin. You turn her on by rubbing her arms slowly. Once both of you are getting down the business by having a romantic night with each other. You surprise her by taking out the new sex toy that you bought from Secret Cherry online sex toy malaysia. Once both of you are done. She thanked you for giving the best night of your life, both in and out of bed.

Congratulations. You have successfully given your girlfriend the best night of her life.