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How Often Should You Update Your Mobile Apps?

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How Often Should You Update Your Mobile Apps?

Lucy Smith October 18, 2018


It pays to keep yourself updated. Whether it be new knowledge and learnings or just about trends, it is best that you stay informed about the latest happenings. The same can be said for applications. If you are a company owner and you have your own mobile development app, the question that most entrepreneurs ask is, “how often do I update my application?” There are actually a number of answers to that question, in which I will delve deeper in this article.

1. Update if There Are New Features

Every application starts with some core features, but the most successful ones are always getting updated with the latest and greatest. Look at Tinder, for example. It is a popular dating app with a core feature that allows people to swipe left or right depending if they want to know a particular person better. After such a while, the app has been updated to include features such as matchmaking, personal lists, and so on. To help you know if there is a feature that can be added to your application, you will need to do some things:

a) Do Market Research. See if your competitors have implemented a new feature and maybe you can add it to yours, only made even better than theirs.
b) If your company wishes to add a new feature that will further enhance the usability of your app
c) If there is a major need to implement another core feature

2. Update if There Are Bugs

What is the usual reason why people uninstall an app? That would be because the app is unusable due to bugs. To help you know if there is a major game-breaking bug that inhibits the users from fully utilizing your application, look at your app’s page on the Google Playstore or the Apple App store. People always have things to say and they will not hesitate to provide feedback about your application. See if there are people who say that this particular feature is buggy or doesn’t work and you have to update the application to remedy the situation. You want to have an application that works without a hitch so that you can continually enjoy huge profits.

3. Update if There Are Feature Recommendations

I remember back then when ES File Explorer was just a simple app that just allows you to look at your files- all in a nicely designed interface. But, the application was updated to also cater to the custom hacks crowd. What I mean is that there is a group of people known as “modders” that root their Android phones to have additional functionality. Before, ES File Explorer doesn’t cater to these modders as the app didn’t give them rights to access the folders at the deep end. However, they now give the users the ability to do so, thanks to the people who consistently use the application. To know if there are update requests, you have to revisit the review section of your page and see if people want a particular functionality to be included in the application.


There are so many answers to the question, “when should I update my app?” The three common answers are if there are new features, if there are any bugs, or if there are things that people want to be implemented in the application. Remember, always focus on your customers’ needs and wants and you can enjoy some huge revenue.