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Attract Potential Shoppers To Your Site With These 9 Useful Tips

E-Commerce SEO/Writer

Attract Potential Shoppers To Your Site With These 9 Useful Tips

Lucy Smith September 22, 2018

Multiple research and studies have shown that the ecommerce industry is growing at a steadily fast pace fuelled by a number of factors including the proliferation of smartphones and 4G network coverage.

Many businesses are now getting on board the ecommerce solutions train in aiming to attract traffic and gain profit.

Here are 9 Tips you can follow in getting you started:

Direct Traffic is the most important

Out of all the kinds of web traffic, direct traffic is the largest traffic source a site can gain. Which means, the critical factor here is the Brand awareness when it comes to direct traffic to your site and entices the customers to spend.

Customers still prefer desktop to shop

Studies reveal that people still opt on using desktop when searching for places to shop online. However, mobile devices are steadily catching up in popularity and convenience of use – so consider where you want to place your focus in.

Take advantage of reviews

Customers trust online reviews of products more than the actual write up from the manufacturers. It is a leading factor in driving sales as customers search for product reviews before they purchase the items. Integrate reviews into your content in taking advantage of this.

Research spending habits of competitors on ads

Analyze closely the trend of your competitors in your industry before you spend on ads. Incorporate what’s working for them if you believe it will work for you.

Consumers are engrossed in their smartphones

Consider placing ads on mobile as people now a day can’t be separated from their phones. Research shows that majority of ads are seen through smartphones.

Invest on Google Shopping Ads

As an online retailer, you should consider investing on Product Listing Ads, which is a very popular and effective strategy on promoting your products. These ads should be displayed on top of the search containing product prices and images.

Offer great deals and incentives

Take advantage of your customer’s emotions and tap into their inner desire for the right kinds of deals like:

  • Discounts
  • Money back guarantee offers
  • Free shipping
  • Limited stock or time offer

Make use of branded links / quality links

It is a smart move to utilize quality links to drive better traffic to your site. Use these links to improve your keyword ranking and makes it easier to be founded by search engines. Build links that point to blogs, pages of products and your own home page.

Google rewards sites that use HTTPS

Google emphasized that using HTTP leads to safer web usage, and they reward sites that implement these with better rankings in their search engine. This also helps build customer trust in your website as you are tagged as secure website to visit.

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