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Are People Who Enjoy Rain Happier People? 


Are People Who Enjoy Rain Happier People? 

Lucy Smith July 15, 2021

Are you someone who enjoys the rain or someone who loathe the smell and the sound of rain? We all hate when our not so waterproof shoes and clothes become a mess on the way home because of the rain. 

I am someone who is torn between loving the rain and hating the rain. Rain is perfect for all of our romantic moments. Whether it is on-screen or it is in real life, the rain somehow makes sure our emotions are heightened. But this is also the case if you are someone who gets sad on rainy days. Rainy days possible can make your sadness even more. 

Rainwater is an essential part of life. It is associated with making our air fresh. Keeping our roofs clean. Giving us drinking water. Keeping animals and plants alive. Forming snowy days. Regulating the temperature. Saving us from drought. Keeping the global warming at a bay. And the list goes on. Rain is inevitably irresistible however, the world has branded rain as something sad. Why is sunshine associated with happiness while rain is associated with depression? 

We understand that sunshine does have a significant correlation to improving our mood and productivity. With light, it does impact our mood. And with better moods, our productivity increases. Sunshine also tends to make things look a little more vibrant. On the other hand, rainy days have grey, heavy, dark skies. Wet muddy puddles, and the constant sound of rainwater going through the roof drain pipes malaysia. 

While some people are extremely irritated and depressed at the thought of rain, others are happier in the rain. Some studies suggest that people who enjoy rain tend to be happier as well. These people are people who are content even in the darkness of the rainy day. They know how to look for the best of life even in the darkness. 

Rain lovers claim that rain plays a significant role in calming their nerves and lowering their anxiety levels. Perhaps the noise of rain acts as a white noise machine and helps to calm down our nerves. On the other hand, the soothing sound of the rain is not the only thing that can help us feel calmer. Looking at slowly drizzle and wet the earth is also known to be an extremely calming experience. Many people watch rainy videos and listen to the sound of the rain to help them fall asleep. People who suffer from insomnia tend to use rain as an aid to fall asleep. 

It is scientifically proven that rain does have a psychological impact on our mood and that mood happens to be negative. However, this is no reason to avoid the outside world simply because it is raining. Even during rain and even on darker greyish days, we have exposure to UV rays that can regulate our mood. It is also advised that we start associating rain with happier memories. Such as cuddling with your spouse, cooking and eating in with your family, playing outside in the rain, going for a light walk with the cute rain outfits, and even watching a happy movie. Next time it rains, remember to enjoy it a little and think about how blessed we are to have rain.