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Amazing Kitchen Wall Decorating Ideas


Amazing Kitchen Wall Decorating Ideas

Lucy Smith March 19, 2020

Begin with a focal point.

Walk around your kitchen. Do you like what you are seeing? What is the very first thing you want a visitor to notice? Whatever it is, make that spot your focal point. Focal points are captivating, and can visually jump at any person. You can make that area more attention-grabbing by using patterned, textured and vibrantly-colored wallpapers.

Curate your kitchen wall design carefully.

There are no strict rules when decorating a kitchen gallery wall. Just remember that the number one thing to remember here is add touches of your very own personality. Feel free to scan interior design magazines and websites, and contemplate on your own unique style.

For starters, here are basic things a gallery wall must include:

  • Baskets
  • Mirrors
  • Vintage Dishes
  • Fabric Swatches or Framed Wallpapers
  • Empty Antique Frames of Different Sizes and Shapes

Customize your kitchen wall using chalkboard paint.

Hiring interior design and architecture firms in Malaysia is a great idea, but they can be expensive. Since you are determined to the job on your own, and stick to a budget, it’s best to consider inexpensive alternatives. Black chalkboard paint is affordable, and an excellent tool that you can use to dress up your kitchen’s accent wall. Black is an eye-catching, bold wall color. Clearly, it is the perfect backdrop for captivating chalk art.

Stick to a three-color palette.

Using good colors is the most inexpensive, fastest way to decorate a room. When it comes to kitchen decorating, you need to pick colors carefully. One of the best ideas? Stick to a three-color palette.

First color: This is your existing kitchen color, and can’t be changed.

Second color: A neutral color of your choice. You can use it as the new color of your kitchen wall, and serve as a décor backdrop.

Third color: This is the color that will make your kitchen unique. Pick an unexpected, bold color that will work well on your palette.

Explore the “open shelving” trend.

Open shelving is the latest trend in the kitchen decorating world. Instead of cabinets, more and more people are gearing towards open shelving since it lightens up the area by making visual space. Check if you can incorporate floating shelves in your kitchen. They come in various styles, and are so easy to install.