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8 Effective Ways to Sell on Social Media

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8 Effective Ways to Sell on Social Media

Lucy Smith October 13, 2018

If you are into selling, you are lucky enough that you live at a time when social media makes it possible to build relationships and generate sales. However, many people still fail to realize that selling on social media is not just about telling someone about your product, the price, and nothing more. Things don’t have to end there. If you really want to generate leads, here are things you need to remember when using social media:

1.Create engagement.

And when you do, don’t expect them to do the same. Even if you comment on their posts too many times and have retweeted their status on Twitter, that’s not enough to build relationships. But don’t give up too soon. They may not engage with you but they will eventually remember you.

2.Give your followers something that will be valuable to them.

It can be as simple as a recent research you found elsewhere or a piece of information they ought to know. As you can see building relationships involves making an effort to show them that you care (even if you’re not meeting face-to-face)!

3.Do your best work.

With respect to sharing content, ask yourself first before clicking that post button. Will it be something that you, yourself can be proud of? If not, then return it to draft and do some editing work. This applies not just with blog posts or copies but also your visual content such as GIFs, infographics, and images.

4.Don’t be afraid to try something new or contact a certain person.

In using social media for business, it’s easier to connect, right? But contrary to popular belief, many people are still not brave enough to reach out to people they want to connect with. If you are one of them then it’s time to be brave and take the risk!

5.Be humble as much as possible.

There’s nothing new about people using social media to brag. Just go to Facebook and you’ll see some of your friends bragging just how good they are. In your case, if you want to sell, avoid doing that. Never attempt to post things that will make people think you are bigger or more important than them.

6.Maintain a good reputation online.

This is an important thing to remember especially if you’re at the stage of establishing your name online. If someone is interested in buying from you, they might Google you first and see what comes in the results. If they see anything bad about your company or you as an individual seller, that might be enough reason for them not to proceed with the purchase.

7.Be endearing.

The only means to do that is by being genuine. People love brands who are true to themselves, to their goals, and to their actions. When you’re endearing enough, you will no longer have to exert more effort selling something.

8.Go face-to-face or give them a call.

Even if online selling is the number one way to market these days, we cannot deny the fact that people like it when you meet with them face-to-face.

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