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7 Tips to Build a Great Consultant

Web Design

7 Tips to Build a Great Consultant

Lucy Smith October 26, 2018

Are you running your own consulting business, or any other type of independent service? If you want your business to prosper much further, you may want to create and maintain a good website. Having one may swing customer decisions in your favor.

A consultant’s website must show his or her own experience, knowledge, talents and skills. This is your chance to present yourself to the world, through your unique strength, authority status and online presence. You can soon convince clients to work with you.

But what does a great consultant’s website or web design agency even look like? In short, your website should sell your individual talents, skills, knowledge, experience, and innovative solutions. Your professional website is your opportunity to create a strong online presence, clearly exhibit your unique strengths, establish your authority status, and persuade clients to work with you. Below are 7 tips and tricks to transform your website into an amazing client generator.

1.Legitimize your Business

Do you want to turn your website visitors into long-term clients? If yes, then you need to legitimize your business to prove that you are a real experienced person with the right qualifications. Building credibility, though, is meticulous work. You must highlight your accomplishments, gather background details, and put all the logos of the companies you’ve worked with before.

2.Clearly Communicate Your Value

The moment they land on your home page, potential clients will immediately look for your value proposition. It’s your unique selling point—so it should be displayed clearly. Whether you are writing a long article or a short paragraph as web content, make sure to communicate well your strengths and your goals.

3.Interact and Get in Touch

Every post you have in your blog should convince every visitor to share your content. How can you make them share it? Make sure to include captivating call to actions to persuade them. Then, it wouldn’t really matter where they share it, whether on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter or Instagram—as long as they post it for the world to see!

4.Choose a User-Friendly Web Design

It is vital for a consultant’s website to be designed in accordance to the potential client’s mind. You may plan about its overall physical appearance, but you should also think about how your potential clients would use the website.

5.Deliver Client-Focused, Informative Content

Do you want to further boost your website’s search engine rankings? If yes, then you need to constantly produce informative content that is centered on providing tips, advice and solutions for prospective customers. Your website is not just about the detailing of your services and practices. It’s all about helping your readers with their problems.

6.Build Relationships Through Interaction

A general rule of thumb? Consultants like you must interact well with prospective customers without being too intrusive and pushy. If you have an efficient consultant website, there are more opportunities to build and sustain old and new relationships. Don’t let them lose their interest quickly—stop bombarding them with salesy pitches.

Another idea is to send clients high-value articles at regular intervals. You need to convince them that you have all it takes to help them.

7.Keep Your Website Fresh and SEO-Friendly

Any website with a good design is worthless if no one can look for it. Take advantage of several marketing techniques that are available to drive in more traffic. Moreover, you need further update your website, from testimonials to new blog entries. New posts would improve your search engine ranking.