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7 Helpful Tips in Planning Your Wedding in a Budget

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7 Helpful Tips in Planning Your Wedding in a Budget

Lucy Smith October 16, 2018

Are you excited to plan your wedding ceremony and reception? Weddings can get really expensive and overwhelming, so below are some tips you can follow to organize a memorable event at an affordable cost.

1. Evaluate your savings.

Making your wedding memorable and beautiful is important, but maintaining sufficient savings is also crucial. Never spend beyond your means. Before setting your wedding budget, take a look at your life savings first. Make sure that there are adequate funds for everyday expenses, as well as emergency costs. You can let your wedding and party planner know about this so you wouldn’t exceed your budget.

2. Make a checklist.

Create a checklist before beginning all the preparations and vendor negotiations. You can also turn it into a “wish list.” Evaluate all the details and see if there are cheaper alternatives.

3. Establish strict financial goals.

Decide if you really want a fairy tale wedding, or a simple and intimate one. Remember, marriage is a lifetime undertaking, while a wedding ceremony is just a one-time celebration. You might want to spend more on exciting holidays, and in decorating your own home together.

4. Be respectful and considerate of your guests.

It is true that plenty of couples depend on red envelopes or “hongbaos” to pay for their wedding banquet. But, are you sure you really want your guests to shoulder the reception cost? It is better to work around a budget that wouldn’t leave you in debt. The mere presence of your guests is significant in itself so make sure not to burden them.

5. Don’t be pressured to have an Insta-worthy wedding event.

Track your wedding expenses at all times. At some point in your wedding planning, you will be pressured to have an insta-worthy theme and celebration, but don’t let it push you to go beyond your budget. Trust me, it is possible to have a beautiful, classy event at an affordable cost. You just need to look for amazing alternatives.

6. Look and feel creative.

What are your plans for your pre-wedding shoot? If you still don’t have a dress, you can drop by the nearest department store for amazing, affordable finds. You can also check some online stores. Remember, expensive doesn’t always mean beautiful. Surely, you can find stylish ones at a bargain.

7. Bravely face all of the event planning challenges.

Here are some of the challenges that you may encounter while planning for your much-awaited wedding:

  • Some vendors might overcharge you
  • Cost cutting, especially when it comes to hairstylists and makeup artists
  • Caterers can also increase their prices if they find out that you are organizing a wedding
  • Expensive calligraphy signs by an established vendor

Final reminders!

Planning your own wedding can be very overwhelming, but at the same time satisfying and fulfilling. After all the stressful moments, you would definitely feel proud about yourself. The most vital lesson you can learn from this is that you must not look at your own wedding and reception as a competition. Never try to outdo others. Do everything for love and happiness.

Sample Wedding Budget:

  1. Venue with Chairs and Tables – $4,000
  2. Fresh Flowers – $2,000
  3. Cake – $400
  4. Outfits – $1,000
  5. Alcohol – $1,000
  6. Videography and Photography – $3,500
  7. Hair and Makeup – $400
  8. Drinks, Food, Desserts and Decorations – $20,500