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5 Working SEO Tips You Must Follow For Higher Ranking YouTube Videos


5 Working SEO Tips You Must Follow For Higher Ranking YouTube Videos

Lucy Smith September 18, 2018

After Google, YouTube is the second biggest search engine on the entire planet. It provides massive traffic to different blogs and websites, alongside generating an estimated 92 billion page views every month. In YouTube, 400 hours of video is uploaded each minute!

Mind blown? Of course. What’s even more amazing is that YouTube offers many ways to monetize video content. If the video you uploaded got enough views, you can earn good money from it. However, uploading videos is not enough to get big views—unless you are a huge brand.

The key to getting a decent number of YouTube views? Unique, quality content.

Need some cool tips to make your YouTube videos search-friendly? Here are some of the most important YouTube seo specialist tricks and tips that can help you to gain organic video visits.

1. Use keywords in your video title.

The video title is like a summary of what your video is all about. It should match your video content perfectly. Always try your best to write a viewer-friendly title with good keywords. If you want, you can also utilize the auto complete feature Google has. This will help you populate more keyword ideas.

2. Write a good video description.

Write a description of your video content. Do this meticulously, if you can. The first two lines will play a major role in your search engine ranking. Incorporate longtail keywords in your video description to boost your video rankings.

3. Name your video file well.

So, you’re done creating and editing your video? Ready to upload it on YouTube? If you rendered your video file as random_video name.mp4 or mov001.avi, make sure to rename it as your main_keyword.mp4. Why? Well, this would tell the search engine what your video is all about, since it can’t really “watch” it. It is the file name that talks to the search algorithm.

4. Make Use of The CC a.k.a Closed Caption feature in your YouTube video.

Make the most out of YouTube’s features. Use the closed caption (cc) feature. This will help your audiences able to understand your video better. If you want, you can also translate it to different languages, so you can reach out to more viewers.

5. Do keyword research and add tags.

Adding tags is the one of effective method to improve ranking of your YouTube channel. Need some more tips in adding specific tags?

  • Include both general and matching keywords.
  • Include both the singular and plural form of your tags.
  • Write the primary keyword first.
  • Use the tool Tubebuddy. This will help you find the right tags to use in your video. It can also show your ranking for the specific keyword.
  • Include your longtail keywords, and other phrases as tags

Use YouTube for Maximum Exposure

Want to make tutorial videos? Create interesting and compelling content on YouTube. Focus on a target audience, and prepare special scripts to impress these viewers. Engage with them. Ask them to like and share your videos in their social media profiles.

Religiously follow every SEO tip and trick you learn from your research, since these simple steps can bring you maximum exposure and massive online presence.