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5 GPS Smartwatches for Kids


5 GPS Smartwatches for Kids

Lucy Smith February 10, 2020

Just like choosing a really good automatic watch, it is also a bit challenging to find the right smartwatch for kids. That is even more challenging if you factor in a watch that has a GPS tracker as well.

As parents, we want only the best for our children. And, since we want them to roam free, we still also want to know their current location so that your mind will be put at ease.

That being said, this article will all be about the best smartwatches for kids that have GPS trackers on them. Do read the rest of this post to find out.

TickTalk 3

Considered by a lot of parents to be the best smartwatch for kids out there, the TickTalk 3 is definitely a feature-rich watch that your little one will surely love.

It’s got a very colorful interface which is important if you want your kids to wear it for extended periods of time. It comes with IP 67 certification which means that it is waterproof until 1 meter and will surely survive heavy rains and other elements.

The GPS tracker that is built into this watch is quite accurate but you do have to insert a SIM card first before you can use the functionality.

Your kids can also interact with you from the watch itself mainly because it is also equipped with a small camera on the watch face. It is simply a really good smartwatch for kids that can put any parent’s mind at ease.

If there is one thing that I want to point out, that would be the price. Since it’s got a lot of features, you can expect to pay a price premium. But, for what you are getting, I would say that it is definitely worth it.

Tencent QQWatch

If you really want something cute that your kid can wear every day, the Tencent QQWatch will not disappoint. In fact, the company touts this to be a full-featured 2G phone sans the bulky exterior.

Its standout feature is its colorful and cute designs. There are many of them you can choose from and some colors are really cute for any kid. It also comes with a small camera, a WiFi module, and a gravity sensor, apart from the GPS tracker of course.


If all you care about is a very accurate GPS tracker, then look no further than this product. The GBD smartwatch may not be as cutesy as the previous recommendation, but it certainly boasts quite a useful GPS technology unlike any other.

Aside from the tracker, it also provides your kids the ability to call you via a 2-way voice call system. It has a dedicated SOS button for emergency purposes and it also has geofencing functionality as well.


A product from a Kickstarter campaign, the dokiWatch is a simplistic watch with colorful plastic exteriors. It has a fitness tracker that reminds your kids to get a move on to burn some calories.

Parents will love its built-in video call functionality and your kids can also use the watch to send text messages as well. Some of its functionalities can only be unlocked by inserting an appropriate SIM card.

FiLip 2

Easy to put on and has 2G smartphone features, the FiLip 2 is definitely something that you want to consider. Apart from its SOS button, it has a powerful GPS tracker that lets you know exactly where your kids are at any moment in time. Plus, it comes with cute colors that your child will surely love!