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5 Exciting Activities Pregnant Women Can Do


5 Exciting Activities Pregnant Women Can Do

Lucy Smith September 11, 2019

Pregnancy and motherhood are not just about waiting for the arrival of the baby. At some point, you are already busy with baby shopping. Surely, you are having fun buying tons of baby clothes in Malaysia. However, take note that all of this is not just about your kid. You also need to focus on yourself to ensure a healthy pregnancy. Below are some exercises for pregnant women that you would love to try.

1. Painting

Whether you are an experienced artist or a beginner, painting is a nice way to unwind, appreciate life and pass the time. Since you are pregnant, you need to stay away from acrylics and oils, or any other medium that involves toxic chemicals. Just stick with acrylics and water color for now.

2. Nature Walks

When we say nature walk, we mean breathing fresh air, enjoying a relaxing few, and doing good exercise routines. Enjoy your local environment. Whether you live in the city, around the woods or at the park, it can be a rewarding experience.

3. Prenatal Yoga

Prenatal yoga is an amazing exercise that can help pregnant women relax, strengthen their muscles and improve their flexibility. It has poses are beneficial and helpful for pregnant women. The right form of yoga begins with breathing exercises that can help manage all the pain, and prepare you for your big day.


Pregnancy doesn’t mean sitting around all day. Just because you are pregnant doesn’t not mean that you are no longer allowed to run. Running has tons of benefits for pregnant women. To be sure, though, it’s always best to consult your physician before running. If given a go signal by your doctor, keep yourself hydrated throughout the entire run.


Being in the water can make your body lighter. It can take away the strain that is involved in carrying the baby. By swimming, you can manage your pain well, and shrug of all the discomfort and stress during pregnancy.