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5 Examples of Successful Niche Affiliate Websites

Affiliate Marketing

5 Examples of Successful Niche Affiliate Websites

Lucy Smith August 13, 2019


OutdoorGearLab.com a certified Amazon affiliate master. This website gets plenty of traffic, and targets several buyer-intent keywords for those purchases made online. It is more niched down compared to a website property like TheWireCutter.com.

Are you looking for good affiliate marketing opportunities in Malaysia? Try niching down to a particular set of audiences. Most likely, Google would favor your blog posts over a much bigger website. OutDoorGearLab.com did that by focusing on compelling outdoor gear reviews.


Not all professionals consider 10Beasts as an authority website. It even has very little blog content compared to other credible websites. It only has around 20 pages of actual web content. However, because of its strong link profile, Google favored its content. Most of its articles are also not very in-depth, but focused on the keywords it is aiming to rank for.


RunnerClick.com is a known Amazon Affiliate website. It’s relatively new, but already gained a huge momentum because of its regular outreach efforts. Just like 10Beasts, its link building strategy is a success. The platform ranks well on several buyer-oriented keywords, and publishes a range of product reviews.


Best Reviews offers in-depth, detailed reviews of some products, ensuring that their reviewers are really highlighting their brand. In turn, this ensures the establishment of trust in the website. This is an intelligent move compared to any kind of review-based platform. If you take your own images, and prove to readers that you have the actual experience with the said products, then there is a big chance that they will identify with your content.


This is an online resource providing reviews for just about any product you can think of. It is slightly at par with TheWireCutter.com, but gearing towards men. This platform gets plenty of traffic with their whiskey and bourbon reviews, as well as other items that can be regarded as masculine.