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5 Affiliate Marketing Trends You Should Know

Affiliate Marketing

5 Affiliate Marketing Trends You Should Know

Lucy Smith September 30, 2019

1.Diversifying beyond Facebook and Google

Facebook and Google have dominating the digital landscape since time immemorial. However, as more and more people become concerned over data privacy, a shift towards other platforms is expected to occur. When it comes to affiliate marketing trends and practices, this one is a slow burn. No search engine or social media platform are going to disappear overnight. But, it’s still crucial to diversify your approach to stay ahead of your game.

2.Expanding into audio and visual content

There are tons of affiliate programs in Malaysia you can promote, but without the right content, you would fail. Many affiliate marketers depend merely on written content. Of course, it’s very easy to include affiliate links on articles. But, today, more consumers are being drawn to audio and video content to get the information they want. These types of content can help you establish good relationship and trust with your audience.

3.Voice search

The power of voice search are expected to strengthen in the years to come. As the usage of Google Home, smartphones and wearable technology continues to grow, voice search would continue to dominate the digital landscape. To stay relevant, you need to optimize your affiliate content for voice search. You can begin by using long-tail keyword phrases.

4.Influencer Marketing

For many affiliate marketers, influencer marketing is a significant part of every strategy. Many affiliate programs are now recruiting social media influencers with engaged audiences. Widening reach is no longer enough. Performance marketing must encourage the audience to take action. Several brands are now open to partnering up with affiliates with good credibility.

5.Mobile First

If you are not optimizing your content for mobile, then you are missing out on a lot of opportunities. Mobile phone usage is increasing year after year, so make sure to leverage on that to reach a wider set of potential customers.